The Bible rightly states, “Whatsoever things are good, right, and pure, think on these things.”

How often do we get caught in the mundane details of every day life? The importance of little things gets blown out of proportion. The more we think about some incident that upset us, the more we get caught up in turning mole hills into mountains. Sometimes, we build mountains so big and for so long that they seem impenetrable. We assign more of our attention to them than they ever deserved.

A song says, “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy!” Yet, how often do we do that? Emotionalizing, concentrating our focus and imagination on such incidents only creates more chaos.

The way to begin to change this habit (for it is a habit) is to begin to look for better things to focus on: Beauty in any form, an ice cream cone, a child’s smile, children playing a game and laughing, a good book, a warm bath, a kiss from a loved one. Simple things that we often overlook when we are listening to the sound of war drums. Change the war drums from a cacophony to a waltz.

The only question is: Do you want to?


About upliftingthoughts4u

Life-long learning has been my quest always. There is so much in the world that brings us down. Like the old song says: "Eliminate the negative, Accentuate the positive..." Life, Love, Truth, Peace, Beauty, Laughter, Light, Joy = All these and more need to lift our spirits so we can soar. Daily wear and tear affects us all. Each one needs to take the time daily to look beyond the problems in our lives so we may find the solutions needed. I wish to use all my lessons learned to share uplifting thoughts with you. Come join me in trying to make this world a better place... :-) I have been happily married to author and poet W. Foster Welborn for 29 years. (His blog is URL: = RSS Feed is: He has 6 books on Kindle and 2 in print. I am his editor/typist. I currently have 4 more books that are in my finishing process. Watch for them!

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