Spirit of Christmas

For many years, I have believed that Christmas is a very special time of year. It appears that people are kinder, more gentle, certainly forgiving, etc., during this extraordinary period.  The focus is placed on the beauty around us: Christmas lights and decorations, being good for “Santa,” thinking more of others and what their needs may be, and our attention is drawn to those less fortunate. However, when Christmastime is past, it seems to me that people then return to their old ways. They are more judgmental, hold grudges over trifles, and become the “Scrooge” of old. Why is that?

I would suggest to you that the Spirit of Christmas is far more loving and in need of being used all year through. Perhaps it is not just for a small period of time. When the Christmas tree is put into the mulch section of your city, can you keep the idea alive that goodness is needed each and every day of the year? It is actually a focus idea.

Are you looking for beauty in each moment in your surroundings? Are you seeing the wonder and awe of life unfolding before you? It is in a child’s laughter, a book you have been waiting to read, or even just time to enjoy something as simple as a warm bath or shower.

Life itself gets so complicated by the demands of earning a living, being in heavy traffic, looking at how other beings can nearly cause an accident, wondering how you are going to pay all the incoming bills, etc. ad infinitum. We try to live up to others’ expectations of us and somehow get lost in the process. The demands upon our time available is overwhelmed by obligations of one type or another. This includes being a parent or mate. There just does not seem that it is possible to be spread that thin. Yet we get stressed out in an attempt to do it all.

Simplicity is key here. Taking even five minutes to breathe deeply can change your whole day.  Perhaps you could think about that lovely vacation moment when you looked at something absolutely wonderful. Then when the day actually starts, you would have a center of peace to bring with you. That would change your perspective and your reaction to the daily vicissitudes of your life. It would not seem to be so overwhelming.

Also, breaking down the incoming information of obligations and duties into simple acts by themselves would decrease the stress instead of ingesting all of it in “Have to’s” and “Must do’s.” Taking a simple bite when “eating an elephant” is a whole lot easier than looking at the elephant in its totality.

Life can be easier. If one can accept that premise, the answer of “How to make that happen?” becomes available to you. You have your own response. No one has that but you. But you must first ask that question in order to be open to the answer that fits you perfectly.

From our house to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God bless your journeys! (Please remember that all of life is NOT A DESTINATION. It is the journey that matters.)

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