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Be Gentle With Yourself

Are you aware that you may possibly treat yourself without the same consideration you would freely give to a friend or loved one?

Oftentimes, we are far more critical and certainly less forgiving of our foibles that we are of others. We “get on our own case” and beat ourselves up over some perceived shortcoming.

We need to raise our awareness of these instances. Why? Because they stunt our personal growth. Self condemnation is the worst beast to tame.

If we see something that needs to be corrected, by all means do it. If there is something we can do to change an outcome, go for it.

But in the meantime, learn to be gentle with yourself. You are here to learn lessons, just like everyone else is.

Are you willing to be open to the idea that you can learn to be gentle with yourself?

Your personal growth depends on it.

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