Nothing is Forever

In Latin, it is expressed “Infinitum Nihil:” Nothing is Forever.

A powerful sheik ordered his wise men to give him a saying to be carved into his signet ring that covers all the events of his life, good and bad…upon pain of death, I might add. The saying they came up with? “This, too, shall pass!

Change is the order of the day.

My personal favorite is Ecclesiastes 3:1, which states: “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:” Actually, it goes on through verse 8, stating that there really is a time for all things. As I age, I find this to be true in so many ways.   This is true for the good things in our lives, as well as the bad stuff. It comforts me endlessly to know that, just like a seed in the ground breaks its hull to send up a shoot through the earth to the sunlight, becoming a plant, then a bud, a blossom, a seed of new life, and then withers away, only to be replaced in its time by new plants. Some days I would like to hang onto some occurrence forever. Other days I wish it would pass quickly and take its garbage with it. That is life on this planet, which is the third rock from the sun. Sometimes things happen because we are human, living among humans who have frailties and make mistakes. We have to learn how to survive it all and not let it crush our spirits. We have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again. And yes, that is a song. But it is also true.

Each of us has an inner strength to be able to do that, day in and day out. Some days, we might want to throw in the towel and call it good. But life never gives us that chance.

How do we go on? Step by step. We take the step we see, which gives us the vision of another step to take. We do what we can, and keep looking for more information to help us on our way. Just the seeking is enough to create a Synergy for Change, drawing to us that which we need, when we need it.  It has been said that, “From a different height, you get a different view.” That means that Life is like climbing a ladder. We put our foot on the step we can reach, go up, and suddenly another step manifests itself.

Just like Lao Tzu’s: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” you just have to be willing to take the one step you see. Are you willing? Take courage, and begin it!

God’s blessings on your journey!

Colorado Columbines

Colorado Columbines

Peony in Full Blossom

Peony in Full Blossom





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Life-long learning has been my quest always. There is so much in the world that brings us down. Like the old song says: "Eliminate the negative, Accentuate the positive..." Life, Love, Truth, Peace, Beauty, Laughter, Light, Joy = All these and more need to lift our spirits so we can soar. Daily wear and tear affects us all. Each one needs to take the time daily to look beyond the problems in our lives so we may find the solutions needed. I wish to use all my lessons learned to share uplifting thoughts with you. Come join me in trying to make this world a better place... :-) I have been happily married to author and poet W. Foster Welborn for 29 years. (His blog is URL: = RSS Feed is: He has 6 books on Kindle and 2 in print. I am his editor/typist. I currently have 4 more books that are in my finishing process. Watch for them!

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